by Cristina Dinu



In society we introduce our personality through our exterior, more precisely through the objects we have and how we use them.
It is known that independent people, strong and with well-defined personalities, bring to their lives personalized objects, specific to their way of being and seeing the world.
And it is proven, not by researchers but by each individual, that the objects that define us, make our lives both easier and the days more serene. Such as your favorite coffee mug, lucky blouse, car color, etc.

In the same way, a small ornamental object, can be a sunshine on a cloudy day

Below are some galleries in which I tried to organize the selected works. Working on the site, I realized that in over 13 years of activity I have done, without exaggerating, thousands of small works.
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Scrap metal piston head human shaped ornamental mini scrap metal statues

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Ornamental scrap metal guitars. Made from motorcycle and car parts plus some other scrap metal.

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Ornamental custom and personalized scrap metal sculptures. Made from motorcycle and car parts plus different others scrap metals.

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Scrap metal cats, dogs and other animals. Made from motorcycle and car parts plus other different scrap metals

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Ornamental metal flowers. Made from all sorts of metals, new or old.

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Small scrap metal ornaments. Made from bolts, screws, motorcycle parts and various crap metals.

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A few videos regarding the works on this page