Church crosses and icons


Church crosses and icons

The cross is the base symbol in Christian faith. As with many of the worship objects, they are used often and they degrade over time. They have the same value I told You above about the icons. The selection I made here for presentation is of objects I am allowed to post in my portfolios.

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An icon is an object of worship with multiple values that ask for respect from the restaurateur.
One of the first type of art in the the humanity beginning was the faith related one. It has thousands of years of evolution and many of the objects we have today in faith related establishments or in museums are very old.
As a restaurateur I have to respect their artistic value, their history and their importance in people’s life.
I have hundreds of projects in my portfolio, but as all the things about valuable stuff goes, I am not allowed to post them online. The ones you can see here are of a lower value and I was allowed to present my work on them.


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