I’m a story teller and for this reason my Sculptures are as different as the stories are. Basically I craft the body my story wants, be it scrap metal, cast metal, weld metal or metal combined with other materials, I’ll do it all.

Art is the voice of the soul and speaks in a universal language.
If the mind has the advantage of words, the soul has always expressed itself through creation.
Any object manufactured from anywhere in the world and from any time, has in its structure a piece of the author’s soul.

On this page you will find the art works I love most from my portfolio. Click on pictures to see more related photos.


Metal sculpture from weld.

Click here to see the video with how it was made

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Click here to see the video for how I made it

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Powerfull Will

Strong people are those that fight no matter what. Most of the times because they have to be in constant movement, to avoid the hate of others.

Click here to see the video with the making process.

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The … Machine

It is what you see in it.

Click here to see the video with the making process

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Tree Table

Nature is the most perfect artist. The rest of us have been fighting for millennia to copy it, to learn from it, to develop techniques and technologies starting from its principles.
Only she is the master in any field. We, her children, are humble disciples.

Click HERE to see a video of how I made this Tree Table.


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2,2m high Icarus

Icarus is more than a symbol of madness and disobedience to the elderly.
Icar is the image of trying in spite of all the obstacles and beliefs of others. It is the flight to the heights, even if this flight means the “last road”. It represents the pursuit of an ideal with the price of life and the attainment of a single moment of perfection.

I made this statue for a private summer theater in Piatra Neamt.

Click HERE to see a video of how I made this statue.


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Bird of pray

The bird of prey, for me, is an image of freedom, strength and flight to the boundless waters of the sky.

I made it from 300 spoons, motorcycle parts, some metal leftovers and 70 forks.

Click HERE to see a video of how I made this bird.


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Lion Head

It is said that Lion is the king of animals, but we all know too well that the real boss is the Lion’s wife 🙂
Felines in general are animals with strong personalities, who demand respect. They are animals with whom the interaction takes place in the same way as with a human, by respecting personal space and time. They do not forgive, they agree to only one mistake and then the friendship is broken.
The problem is the same with cats.

Click HERE to see a video for how I made this Lion head.


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Recovering from Metal Trauma

Read the story of this object in THIS VIDEO.


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We all carry in us terrible pains, hidden from the eyes of others, buried in the deepest corners of the soul. All of us!
I want a world in which people learn to respect themselves and thus accept themselves with all their traumas. The planet would be greener and the days more serene.

Click HERE for a presentation video of this metal art object.


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On the stage of life, strong people walk dressed in all the pain they have gathered. Getting to the top involves gathering a lot of wounds caused by hatred, indifference, envy and the gratuitous wickedness of others.
Being loved, understood and appreciated by everyone means not doing anything special in life. Getting away without injuries means leaving nothing behind.

Click HERE to see a presentation video of this metal art object.


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Save me

No matter how strong and independent you are, life will bring you into situations where you need a saving hand.
Those situations are the moments when you will know the true character of those around you. Only in those moments, when you ask for help, you will understand how lonely you are.
And in the end, after you have overcome the difficulties, you will understand why it is good not to ask for help.


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The violin is in my vision, the only musical instrument capable of crying with longing and full pain, and then laughing with infinite bliss.
I have not felt any instrument in the same way that the strings of the violin vibrate in the depths of my cells and on all the strings of my being.


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The Painter

Often in people’s eyes, art means only painting and carving in wood or marble. Any other form of artistic expression is either ignored or viewed too superficially.
Thus, I chose a painter to give shape to a specific state of any artist in any field: the disintegration of being during creation.

Click HERE to see a presentation video of this metal art object.


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At the end of life, in a secluded place, under a lantern, awaits the guide who will accompany the soul on the waters of the afterlife.


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The more essenceless a person is, the more aggressive he is. The more unintelligent and  without culture a person is, the more hateful he is.
The more empty a man is, the spiky he is.


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Hope is like a plant that needs to be cultivated, cared for, watered, protected from bad weather, etc. It requires sustained effort and uninterrupted attention.
The slightest mistake will often lead to her death or illness.
Take care of the flower of hope. It is fragile.


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The more I know the more I grow

The more words you know, the greater the ability to form more complex thoughts. The more information you gather, the more you develop the ability to make quick connections and find solutions.

Click HERE to see the video of how I made this sculpture.


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Tango is the dance that best describes a couple’s relationship. This dance indicates the steps to follow to achieve harmony and to gain peace. It is more of an instruction manual than a dance.

Click HERE to see a presentation video of this metal art object.


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Captivity is more of a mental state than a physical one. A person who has developed a multiverse on a mental level will never be a prisoner of a place, no matter what happens to the physical body.

Click HERE to see a presentation video of this metal art object.


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Drown in time

If you do not know how to use your time with all its fragile seconds and all its passing moments, you will drown in it and that last day will come when you will regret all the moments you missed.

Clik HERE to see a presentation video of this metal art object.


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The last word

There is that question about “What person would you sit on a bench with and what would you tell him?” Most choose people who have passed away and have not had a last word. But … that last word is often a bunch of words under an arc of thoughts. We will never be able to say everything we have in mind because we are always loosing ourselves in life.

Click HERE to see the video of how I made this roses art object.


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Over the horizon

Knowledge helps you see beyond the horizon. It sits under your feet like bricks and lifts you higher and higher. But the more efficiently you accumulate it, the more humble you become, because you understand, see, know both outside yourself and inside yourself.

Click HERE to see a presentation video of this metal art object.


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Past Waters Future Growth

They are the result of the rains, storms, waves and calm waters of our past. All this water that flowed over us did not wash away our sins but nourished our roots to grow more towering and resilient.

Click HERE to see a presentation video of this metal art object.


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In Your Hand

Nature does not need us, we need it. It existed before us and will exist long after us. It broke through all our constructions and revived where we burned.
It is in our hands the option to take care that nature does not take revenge on us.


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Words are magical. Their existence was what brought man out of the cave and made him conquer the world and space. The word made human evolution possible.


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The End of Seasons

Deflowering Spring.  Rusting Summer. Falling Autumn. Melting Winter.


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Are demons ugly and terrifying because we are afraid of them? Or are we afraid of them because they are really bad? Are there demons or are they creations of our inner shortcomings?

Click HERE to see a presentation video of this metal art object.


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Warrior King 

The sun will always shine on the armor of the victorious king. The winning warrior will write the story, and the defeated warrior will be passed off as a negative character. War does not see the value of people, war only writes about heroes and enemies.

Click HERE to see the video of how I made this metal art object.


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The tragic life of the man with vertical principles and the right spine. The marginalization of the man who does not violate his values and does not accept compromises.


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The most beautiful Heart

The most beautiful hearts are those that have lived. You recognize them by the missing pieces, by the terrible wounds and the horrible stitches, by the parts that don’t fit. The most beautiful hearts are the ones that have suffered the most and instead of transforming into stone they have become warmer.

Click HERE to see a small fragment from the moment I’ve worked on this heart.


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Oceans Death

What will life be like beyond the death of the oceans? What will the world look like after all the waters are filled with the tar of human existence? Will there be more fish ?!


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The Forever Rose

The rose is one of my signatures. It was one of my first creative attempts.
Of all the flowers, the rose for me is a symbol of feminine beauty and maternal ferocity. It is the fragility of the feminine and the aggressive mother in defending the baby.

Click HERE for a video with an huge rose I made at some point.

Click HERE to see a video with a collection of roses I made a few years ago.


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Faith is something personal for everyone. It’s a path or a chore. It is freedom or coercion. It is what man makes it to be through his actions. Respect, however, is the way in which beliefs can become faith in a better humanity.


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Human Nature

In human nature lies the ability to suffer and laugh at the same time. Watch the parent who has gone through a trauma laughing serenely at a child. Regardless of the depth of the pain in the face of the miracle of life, we will all smile with confidence.


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Dare to dream!

Dare to bring your dream to life!

Welded dreams!

Dare to smile everyday!

Dare to be happy!

Polished emotions

Dare to burn with desire!

Dare to live as you want!

Cast ideas

Dare to be your kind of crazy!

Dare to live your life as you want it!

Travelling stories