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About me

Since 2008

If you can dream it, I’ll try to make it

I’ve started in 2008 with motorcycle restoration. In my portfolio I have an BSA from 1929, an Ij from 1949, an Mz RT from 1967 with full restoration and tones of other motorcycle elements.

In 2010 I moved to car parts restoration. The jewelry from my portfolio is a Fiat Balilla from 1932.

In 2011 I moved to art and cult objects restoration. A few years I’ve worked with the metal restorer Dan Iliescu at the Nottara Museum.

In 2014 I’ve created my first art object. My first objects were so horrible that I’m ashamed to post pictures.

In 2016 started my real story as an metal artist.

In 2019 I’ve published my first book. 

List of various events and exhibitions

2022 Legende în Metal – exhibition at Galeria De Artă UAP Hunedoara

2022 exhibition at Achimoto România in Deva

2022 Deva Jazz Fest –  exhibition Deva

2022 – The Perfect Hunter – Quantic Pub Bucharest

2022 Creează – exhibition and book releas – The Pub Bucharest

2022 Exhibition at Mall Dâmbovița

2022 Romanians Got Talent, season 12 episode 4

2021 Madame Sophie exhibition at Athene Palace Hilton

2021 Impact Hub exhibition

2020 Campina solo exhibition and book release

2021 Impact Hub exhibition

2020 Eforie Sud exhibition “Arta va invinge prin artisti”

2019 Romexpo Bucharest, SMAEB. Solo exhibition

2019 Solo Exhibition at Pep Cafe in Azuga

2018 Presentation on a local tv station in Ploiesti. The interviw was about my work, my passions and how I see life. Name of the show “Generatia lui Jhon”

2018 Presentation in Pitesti at a local tv station. Me and other artists speaking on the theme “Man sanctifies the place”

2018 Arielo Association had an event called “21st century woman” and I was invited as a speaker

2016 Exhibiton in Câmpina, organized by Club Femina. Exhibition theme “Scrap Metal Art”

2016 Exhibition with Daytona Twins in Bucharest. Name “Daytona Twins metal design by Cristina Dinu”.Theme “Furniture from cars and motorcycles”

  • TV and Media apparitions

2022 Prahova Economică,  article about my life and activity


2022 Contacte Culturale about the letters I made for Quantic Pub

Quantic. Povestea literelor. Expo Music Metal

2022 Contacte Culturale on “Legende in Metal” from the UAP Art Gallery Hunedoara

Cristina Dinu. Expoziția de sculptură ”Legende în metal”. La Hunedoara

2022 Contacte Culturale on Deva Jazz Fest exhibition

Sculptură în Metal. Cristina Dinu. Expoziția ”Improvizație Jazz în Metal” la Deva Jazz Fest

2022 Romanians Got Talent


2021 Auto test Magazin – Interview


2020 Impact Hub Bucharest – Interview

Metal Poetry by Cristina Dinu – Vând povești, obiectele sunt bonus

2020 Câmpina – Book release and exhibition


2020 Eforie Sud – Cultura Event “Arta va invinge prin artisti”

2020 Live Interview at BeFM Bucuresti


2018 Prahova TV – On hour show about my craft and life


2017 Local TV station VP/TV – Interview

Au furat vulturul din Parcul de la Clubul Copiilor din Câmpina

2016 Interview on Intervio

CRISTINA DINU, artist: ”Despre nevoia de a crea, pot să spun că vine dintr-un imens ocean de stări și imagini pe care le-am acumulat și continui să le adun.”

2016 Adevarul news paper – Interview


2016 Local News Paper Oglinda – Interview and exhibition presentation


2016 Article on a blog about an exhibition I had in colaboration with another person


2016 Local news paper Oglinda – Interview


2016 Local news paper – Interview


CRISTINA DINU, „îmblânzitoarea“ fiarelor



Video from a motorcycle group


metal poetry b y cristina dinu

As a child I had a penchant for life stories and for this reason I educated myself to become a good listener and a safe in terms of personal information.
In time, I learned that stories are what shape us and help us write our own snippets on the papyrus of life.
I ended up sculpting metal stories and publishing books. I became a storyteller.
I am not the profession I practice, the books I write, the specializations I have, the professions I have practiced, the vehicles I drive or the skills I have. I am like any man on this planet a soul and a mind who want to tell a story, to leave a moral to future generations. I am a human being!

Published books

Despre a fi nimic pentru a putea fi totul

Despre a fi nimic pentru a putea fi totul (O altfel de autobiografie, dintr-o trista romanie) – Free download from here

Copiii Viitorului (Eroarea)

Get from Here

Contacte Culturale – Elstar Câmpina – Book release video and article

Lansarea romanului ”Copiii viitorului” de Cristina Dinu. Seratele Culturale ”Elstar”

The Message behinde everything:

Stories to be told, Hearts to be heald

What I do

Restoring & Conserving

Over the years, after thousands of metal works and dozens of works of restoration of objects of worship and art, I learned a variety of techniques, I developed a network of people and workshops and I came to love restoration more than any other activity.


I create metal art objects from my own imagination or as a comision.
Metal allows me to shape even the craziest ideas into a form that is easy to see and understand.
Art is the most beautiful language of souls.


I write stories for my art, on different online sites, in my books, in my objects etc

I love to convey ideas, emotions, thoughts, problems and events in a story. Either they are written in words, or they are engraved, welded or milled in metal.