Welcome to the place where art combines with science to write lasting stories and save the stories written by others long time ago.

cristina dinu


Metal Poetry

by Cristina Dinu

A story teller. Almost every metal object made has a story. If you ever get to one of the exhibition, fair or presentation, ask to be told the stories of the objects presented. You won’t regret it!

Metal Poetry Category


Modern metal art made from all types of metals using various techniques.

House & Garden

Art applied to everyday objects.

Furniture and ornamental objects made from metal.


Making a quality restoration of an old object is a moral obligation for future generations.

Every objects tells a story about the people that made it and about the history of the time when it was made.


Armour, shields and weapons made from metal.

Ornamental objects, not for use.

Auto Moto

Restored metal elements and creation of metal ornaments for cars and motorcycles


Ornamental metal art.

Decorative objects, logos, souvenirs and jewelry