Church chandeliers


Church chandeliers

Boteanu Church from Bucharest

Boteanu Church from Bucharest, year 2021.

I had to do two separate restoration works: a brass chandelier and a steel one.
In the case of the brass chandelier, all I had to do was clean it of the patina paint it had on it and do some minor repairs. At the end I applied a layer of neutralizer.
The steel one required more work. Beyond removing the layer of patinated paint, I had to repair almost all the screws and work on many affected parts. At the end I applied a neutralizer, a metallic brass paint and a layer of anti-scratch varnish.
I have selected a few pictures from the thousands taken during these works. Below are 2 photo galleries of the two chandeliers.

Brass Chandelier

Before Gallery. Click on image to expand

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Steel Chandelier

Before restoration

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During work

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During work

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Final result

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Final result

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Amzei Church from Bucharest

Amzei Church from Bucharest, Calea Victoriei, year 2020

This work was more about patience than skill.
I had to mask the cables on two mounted chandeliers and turn a puzzle into a chandelier.
It was not my job, I was called to help under the guidance of a restorer.

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Zlatari Church from Bucharest

Zlatari Church from Bucharest, Calea Victoriei, year 2018.

The restored chandelier is 100 years old. During the dismantling I noticed that it suffered at least one fall.
Beyond removing the patinated varnish and polishing the parts, I had to step on many dangerous parts.
Some of the basic elements of the chandelier have ruptures and cracks, representing a real danger for parishioners.
After analyzing the metal and the techniques used in making the parts, I chose a method of brazing that is easy to identify where it occurred and also offering the possibility to be removed.
I also took care of the aesthetic part of the visible elements and built a missing element.
The work lasted several months and I collected during it several thousand pictures and videos to record all the interventions.


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During Work

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End Result

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White Church from Bucharest

White Church from Bucharest, Calea Victoriei, year 2012.

In this church I have done several restoration and creation works that you can find in the pages of this section.
Below are pictures from working on the chandeliers.
I cleaned the three existing chandeliers and poured the missing parts.
At the same time, using one of the chandeliers, I poured three new brass chandeliers. After casting, a long process of milling, turning, threading, deburring, polishing and polishing followed.
The work of this large and complex contract took almost two years. The photo and video information gathered during this period accumulates dozens of Gigabits. I have selected a handful of pictures to present you my work.


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During Work

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End Result

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