by Cristina Dinu


Old objects

 are our history and they tell the story of past times. We need to take care of them for their double value as art and history. Materials degrade in time and become fragile and they even go back to their composition elements. We have to stop the effect of time on them or at least delay as much as possible the degradation.


 something is science and art combined and for this reason is best to get the help of someone that knows what should be done, rather than getting help from Youtube. One simple mistake, one bad solution and Your object can be destroyed beyond repair.

The protocols

 of restoration have a long list of steps that need to be followed in order to do a good and safe job for the object. And You should know, that not only the object can suffer but also your health if you don’t take the proper measures and you don’t use the necessary equipment.

I learned

 my craft working in a museum with an expert restaurateur. I went to conferences and events on the subject, and I always kept in touch with others better informed than me. In order to be a good restaurateur You need to keep in mind the fact that this job is an interdisciplinary craft and You will never be able to know everything perfectly. So collaborate, learn, study and most of all ask before trying something You are not sure about.

inside Restoration

  • Church Chandeliers cleaning, repairing, restoring (click here)
  • Church Roof Cross repair, make, restore (click here)
  • Restoring Church objects of worship like crosses and icons (click here)
  • Other Church objects that need restoring and repairing. Sometimes making new ones is necessary (click here)
  • Restoring and repairing art and collectibles statues, lamps and ornaments (click here)
  • Old furniture, doors and other big objects that are subject to restoring and repairing (click here)
  • Tableware is the most common subject in restoring (click here)
  • If it is not an UNESCO, unique, museum object or any other type of art object controlled by the law, than it can be copied (click here)
Cristina Dinu


A few videos regarding the works on this page